“My childhood heroes are still playing!”

“My childhood heroes are still playing!”

Kerry King Says He Felt “Anger” Following The Cessation of Activity Killeradding that he wanted to continue playing but that “that livelihood has been taken away from him”.

It’s been just over three years since Slayer decided to retire, becoming the first member of the “Big Four” of the Thrash Metal to withdraw.

In January 2018, the thrash pioneers announced that they were going to begin their farewell tour, and disbanded after the long world tour that took place from May 2018 to November 2019.

However, the decision to end the adventure was not accepted (at least in the same way) by all concerned.

In a new interview with metal hammerthe band’s guitarist and co-founder, Kerry King, admits to having had quite strong feelings about this “premature” retirement.

Asked to comment on his initial reaction to the decision, King said: “Anger…what else? It was premature. If I say ‘premature’, it’s because the heroes of my childhood are still playing! I can still play, I still want to play, but that livelihood has been taken away from me.”

“But hey, we have to move on, I guess. We were on top of the world, and there’s nothing wrong with starting on top, it’s a good way to retire. So, congrats on that. But do I miss playing? Yes, totally.”

Right now, Kerry King is about to unveil a mysterious new solo project, which should appeal to Slayer fans.

Indeed, last July, a radio professional described Kerry King’s new band as ‘overwhelming’ and ‘on par with Slayer’. You can learn more about it via the previous link.

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