My neighbors make too much noise during the day, can I call the police?

My neighbors make too much noise during the day, can I call the police?

In the long term, noise can have harmful consequences on our health and can, apart from disturbing our peace of mind, directly impact our way of life: insomnia, anxiety, increased blood pressure… If the noise at night (noise occurring at night, from sunset to sunrise) is disturbing, daytime noise (noise occurring between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.) is just as disturbing! In the same way as at night, noise during the day is also liable to penalties if an infraction is found. If you are disturbed by noise pollution emitted by your neighbour, be aware that the intervention of the police, the gendarmerie or, to a certain degree, a bailiff is possible. Be careful though, it is necessary that the forces of order note that the noises are either repetitive, or intensive, or durable in time. Only one of these criteria makes it possible to constitute the offense », specifies in particular Marine Brossard, journalist for the 20h of TF1. In other words, you need evidence (nuisance recordings) to affirm whether the nuisance and noise disturbances are normal or abnormal.

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Daytime noise: the steps to follow and the penalties provided for

If it happens once, it is better to settle it amicably, with your neighbors concerned. David Rodrigues, a lawyer at the CLCV (National Association of Consumers and Users) interviewed by TF1, advises, in a first step, to establish dialogue with the neighbors from which the noise pollution comes in order to evoke the embarrassment. ” Is it due to a problematic behavior of the inhabitant? Or poor sound insulation? In the latter case, certain solutions can be considered: slide pads under the feet of the furniture, insulating coverings, felt or cork to avoid impact noises, install a support between the floor and the hi-fi system… », he reveals. On the other hand, if the duration, repetition or intensity of these noises affect your peace of mind or your health in the long term, it is generally advisable to contact the competent authorities (see Capital – article R-1336-5 of the Public Health Code). The police or the gendarmerie will be able to come to see the offense and thus issue a fine ranging from 68 to 180 euros.

There are other cases where different solutions are possible. For example, if you live in an apartment (collective housing) you can request the intervention of the union because it is responsible for enforcing the rules of co-ownership. ” If your neighbor is a tenant, you can talk to the landlord. If the uproar is characterized, he can give him leave for legitimate and serious reason. Note that the syndic of co-ownership may, in the event of default by the lessor, request the judicial termination of the lease. “, adds David Rodrigues. Finally, if despite all your attempts, the problem is not resolved, you can file a handrail and even go to court. If this happens to you, prepare a file with all the evidence you have been able to collect: recordings, testimonials from neighbors, petitions and even ” a medical certificate if your state of health has deteriorated because of this daytime noise.

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