Nagui stops a song in the middle for a funny reason

Nagui stops a song in the middle for a funny reason

Since the end of December, Manon has shown herself capable of breaking all records. Some even see her reach the top of the ranking of the best Maestros of the show and therefore dethrone Margaux, for the moment the greatest champion of the game. Every day, candidates come to try their luck to take the place of the Maestra, in vain . Yesterday, Monday January 16, the young woman was silent to make way for another artist present on the set of the show who did not fail to get noticed.

“They left me the bad plan!”

The 28-year-old candidate performed Dazzled by the night de Zaz and hadn’t expected to be upstaged by a very fit Magali Ripoll. Microphone in hand, the latter set fire to Nagui’s set. Manon felt compelled to stop but it was without counting on Magali’s invitation to join her to do the show in Do not forget the lyrics. “You don’t want to sing?”then asked the chorister of the show to the current champion. The husband of Mélanie Page surprised by the lack of will of his Maestra went to the evidence. “Apparently they don’t want to!”he observed. Finally, Flore the challenger of Manon, the latter as well as Magali Ripoll continued the song as a trio to the delight of the public and the host. “There, it’s easier”pointed out Nagui. And Magali to underline: “They left me the galley plan!”. Picky and teasing, the host of France 2 then made a decision.If no one wants to sing, we’ll stop! We’re not going to insist either.” he teased.

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