Nailloux. Books, Workshops, Reading Night: A Detours Tour?

Nailloux. Books, Workshops, Reading Night: A Detours Tour?

In this still new year, new proposals appear; this is the case at Détours de Nailloux bookstore, which has been hosting two recurring workshops since January: “English Morning Coffee” — led by Jennifer Links — as well as a herbalism workshop led by Hélène Revest. Workshops will be held every second Saturday of the month. You will have the opportunity to test your English and try your hand at a one-hour conversation in fluent English. The afternoon will therefore be dedicated to the art of herbal teas, the benefits of plants, and why not to making seed cards.

Sophrology, ikebana, writing workshops for adults or teenagers, board games, ideas on the go. On the bookmark of the bookshop this slogan: “Books and time”. — And people! adds the Détours team in chorus. The program is really an opportunity to multiply the good reasons to come and see Détours. Institutional events should not be overlooked: Night of Reading, a national event, is organized in cooperation with the Nailloux media library on Saturday, January 21. “Scary games” with Chananas from 3 p.m. before the show “Enquête in the media library” at 6 p.m…. and “Trouilles et frontales” in the bookstore from 7:30 p.m. Let’s not forget that Détours bookstore is always open on the last Sunday of every month. On January 29, it will host the Climate Fresco animated by Bénédicte Guiu. This already busy month will end “in the shape of a mushroom” with the reception of trainees from the Condorcet College in Nailloux. You can find the agenda on the website as well as on social networks.

Bookshop Detours, 28 rue de la République, 31560 Nailloux. 05-62-47-07-33

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