Narbonne: 200 children of the city will receive a €20 voucher for a book

Narbonne: 200 children of the city will receive a €20 voucher for a book

The action aimed at students who benefit from tutoring was realized this Wednesday, November 23.

Introduce young children to reading. Such is the ambition of the city of Narbonne, which renewed its Chèques-livres scheme this year. The principle is simple: offer help of €20 for children who are followed by associations as part of the school’s support.

These book vouchers were distributed on Wednesday, November 23rd.

Last year, 190 students could go to one of the operation’s partner bookstores, namely BD et Compagnie, Libellis or Maxi-livres, and leave with one or more books of their choice, be it novels, children’s books, comics, dictionaries or magazines.

“The associations Maison des potes, Mutual aid for integration, the Nelson-Mandela social center and L’Arche, given their expertise in the field, provided us with a list of beneficiaries, that is, about two hundred children who will then go through the bookstore to make their choice” details of the municipality of Narbonne.

“A child who falls in love with books from an early age will have access to an infinite world of knowledge. In this way, he will develop his vocabulary, curiosity and imagination, awaken an interest in learning to read and write.” details elected officials, deputy mayors, Yamina Abed and Yves Pénet. “It is precisely for these reasons that the City continues this action, which aims to introduce the youngest to reading. In general, this action not only enables the promotion of the City’s social and cultural activities, but also enables the development of mediation and raising cultural awareness for young people and the neighborhood” they add to this day of handing over these book vouchers to its users”.

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