Nathalie Marquay: this tattoo in tribute to Jean-Pierre Pernaut 7 months after his death

Nathalie Marquay: this tattoo in tribute to Jean-Pierre Pernaut 7 months after his death

Seven months after the tragic death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Nathalie Marquay opened the doors of her daily life to the cameras of 50′ inside (TF1). The opportunity for the actress to reveal her tattoo in tribute to her late husband.

A painful mourning. On March 2, 2022, the famous presenter of TF1 Jean-Pierre Pernaut is died aged 71. Since then, his wife Nathalie Marquay tries to rebuild with their two children, Lou and Tom. And the least we can say is that the 55-year-old actress is not not about to forget the man of her life. Proof of this is the report broadcast by 50′ inside this Saturday, October 15 in which she unveiled an ultra-symbolic tattoo. “I’m going to tell you one thing. [Jean-Pierre Pernaut] is engraved in my head, in my heart and also in my skin”she confided while rolling up her sleeve to reveal her tattoo on her forearm.

“So it’s a first, even my son hasn’t seen it yet”she continued, before explaining the double meaning of her little work of art: It’s JP with a heart and when you look at it that way, it makes the infinity sign.” Still very marked by the longest, and certainly the most beautiful relationship of her life, Nathalie Marquay intends to remain linked to her late husband. “It was important that it was engraved on my skin. Even me, when i leave i will take it with meshe concluded, very moved.

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Nathalie Marquay turned upside down by a sign that reminded her of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

This Monday, October 10, the former Miss France attended a scene that particularly upset her. So much so that she is convinced that it is a sign sent by Jean-Pierre Pernaut from beyond. Indeed, while she was sitting on her sofa, Nathalie Marquay noticed that a ladybug was next to her. “This little ladybug came home. She came all the way to the little couch. Well me, I say it’s a little message of my love. I am sureshe wrote on Instagram, before concluding: “Now all I have to do is make a little wish.” It would therefore seem that Jean-Pierre Pernaut continues to watch over his wife.

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