Nathalie Rheims spoke about her secret love affair with a famous singer who is 37 years older than her

Nathalie Rheims spoke about her secret love affair with a famous singer who is 37 years older than her

Since his new book has just been published, Through the days (published by Léo Scheer), the writer Nathalie Rheims made a great discovery. When she was 18 years old, she had a nice story with a famous singer, a 55-year-old man.

The sentimental life of Nathalie Rheims keeps the public above all else her passionate and exciting love affair with director Claude Berri. It was her the last woman to share his life avant until his last breath on January 12, 2009. They were in a relationship for ten years when he suddenly was swept away by a blow. fell into a coma he died less than 36 hours later. “I shared my life with Claude for 10 years, we were in a vacuum. He was a very secretive, very lonely person, who saw very few people. Even today, I realize how much he marked everyone, marked the spirits. Claude was a very modest personwitnessed at that time sister Bettina Rheims on the waves of Europe 1. But long before she lived this beautiful story with Claude Berri, the writer lived on love and fresh water on the arm of a singer much older than her. An affair that she has not mentioned so far, but she has just revealed in the columns Sunday newspaperwhile it was just published his latest work, Through the days (published by Léo Scheer).

Nathalie Rheims was fascinated by Marcel Mouloudji

The singer in question is none other than Marcel Mouloudji, to whom we owe hits such as Love, love love, you’ll see one day or Lamentation of the unbeliever. “He was an extraordinary man, a complete artist. I lived a crazy love story with him for a year, I was 18 and he was 55. I decided to tell this story after I came across a polaroid of the two of us, cleaning up during prison”explains Nathalie Rheims at JDD. Their meeting happened one evening in 1974, when a young woman, an actress, was leaving a play.

Between them, love at first sight was instant, so much so that, by her own admission, he was the first man she spent the night with. However, Nathalie Rheims was warned about it Marcel Mouloudji was a ladies’ man, but whatever: “I was fascinated“, she admits in her book. She also does not hide that she has always been attracted to older men, “tortured by life“. A beautiful story that lasted, until the singer’s girlfriend discovered their affair

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