Nathan Devers posits “Artificial Connections” between the metaverse and reality

Nathan Devers posits “Artificial Connections” between the metaverse and reality

Christian Dorsan, author, blogger etc associate reader groups 20 minute booksI recommend you Artificial links by Nathan Devers, published on August 17, 2022 by Éditions Albin Michel.

His favorite quote:

In the beginning there was a man and a computer. Here they are estranged, here they breathe together and form a common whole, here they mix and give birth to the hominator.

Why this book?

  • Because this book opens the door to neophytes in virtual worlds. “We had to tell it, this spiral. A spiral of those who go round and round between the virtual and the real. Who are losing ground under their feet as the boundaries between screens and things, appearances and reality, the world and networks blur. The vicious circle of a generation that attaches itself to everything but life”, explains the author in his intention. This fiction at least allows us to understand what the virtual worlds are based on and to return to the myth of Narcissus.
  • Because the novel is about the “messianic” rise and fall of a failure in a world where everyone can become someone, turn failures into successes. But this world finely reproduces our more unrestrained one, with a small nuance that is undoubtedly interesting: respect for anonymity. How then can you exist if the outside does not know who you are and what about the ego?
  • Because comparing the Gospels and Antimond, the author wants to give the demiurge scale to the game creator without the book coming off as too esoteric.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. A failed piano teacher, rejected in love, finds refuge in the 3D universe of an application called Antimonde. He gradually loses control over his real life and becomes a virtual hero. Where will this new life take him?

Characters. Julien Libérat a failed pianist and Vangel his avatar, Adrien Sterner a game designer, gospel fan and cocaine addict, May Julien’s ex, Thibaut Paterne a good friend and Serge Gainsbourg.

Places. Bordeaux, headquarters of Heaven, a game production company, Rungis where Julien lives in reality, Antimonde where Vangel, Julien’s avatar, evolves.

Time. The present age.

Author. Nathan Devers is an associate professor of philosophy, involved in the program It’s time for the pros and edit the magazine Rules of the game Artificial links is his third novel.

This book has been read no surprises: the narrative thread is indeed quite predictable. This novel, on the other hand, is a good introduction to virtual worlds, to 3D, to Metavere…

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