NBA YoungBoy wears nail polish and faces haters

NBA YoungBoy wears nail polish and faces haters

Having displayed on his social networks the nails covered with a black varnish, Boy Never Broke Again was quick to respond to the many criticisms it received.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again responds to haters

After Lil Pump or Lil Yachty, it’s the turn of NBA YoungBoy to display the nails covered with varnish. A trend that does not really seem to be unanimous on social networks, the rapper having suffered many criticisms. Not enough to disconcert him, since he will have split a message of answers to the haters in stride: “You play with your guy, huh?” You see, you all love me at some point. Now no one loves me anymore. […] So what is the problem ? The n*****s want to talk about my nails. […] You want to play with me, that’s fine with me. You know I’m a big troll. As long as I’m not a dead troll, n****, you can talk about my nails all you want. B***, I know someone who would really like to paint their nails right now. »

YoungBoy is not the first to be attacked after painting his nails. Before him, Kid Cudi had to face a horde of haters on the networks for the same reasons, forcing him to come out of his reserve: “I disabled comments on my Instagram account. It seems people are in trouble because I put nail polish on. I’m tired of blocking so many accounts. I really need you to understand, if you don’t like me or what I do, don’t buy my albums, don’t come to my concerts. Screw you. »

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