Netflix cancels another promising series

Netflix cancels another promising series

Netflix is ​​still canceling one of its series to the chagrin of viewers who had not had all their questions answered at the end of season 1.

A page turns for this series netflix. Once is not custom, the platform cancels one of its productions, even though the creators hoped to explore this universe in more detail. This series, however, comes from the imagination of one of the most popular directors and screenwriters in the catalog. After the undisputed success of The The Haunting of Hill Houseand the generally enthusiastic reception of The Haunting of Bly ManorMike Flanagan tackles teen drama with The Midnight Club.

Halfway between horror and thriller, The Midnight Club followed the adventures of a group of terminally ill teenagers. All housed in a somewhat special house, they meet every night to tell scary stories. But fiction soon overtakes reality, and the creatures of their imaginations may well come to life.

Mike Flannagan made his classes in the register of horror. In this first season, he put all his talent at the service of a rather promising adolescent production. While the plot left the door open to a sequel, viewers will have to content themselves with imagining the end of the adventures of Kevin, Ilonka and the whole gang.

Unless Mike Flanagan comes to save them. When Netflix had not yet ruled on the fate of the series, the creator had indicated that in the event of cancellation, he would not hesitate to answer questions from viewers on Twitter. We could thus have the answer to all our questions on the social network of the blue bird. Unless The Nightclub don’t be a lost cause.

A season 2 on Prime Video

netflix did not indicate the reasons for this cancellation, however, it comes some time after the announcement of a partnership between Mike Flanagan’s production company: Intrepid Pictures and Amazon. With his partner Trevor Macy, the two producers will develop several projects for the e-commerce giant. A sequel of The Midnight Club could it be on the program?

This would not be the first time that an SVOD platform has recovered a production canceled by another service, even if it is often the series of television channels that are saved in this way. It will be necessary to arm oneself with patience to have the end word of this story.

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