Netflix is ​​considering a 100% free offer with ads

Netflix is ​​considering a 100% free offer with ads

Could Netflix offer a completely free offer with advertising in the future? The answer is yes if we are to believe the words of Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO of the streaming service. The manager, who has just taken over as head of the company alongside Greg Peters, answered the question that was put to him during the presentation of the platform’s quarterly results.

Netflix very open on a 100% free plan

He therefore clearly did not close the door to this eventuality, as we can understand by rereading his words: “We’re open to all the models that exist right now, but we have a lot on our plate this year, both with paid sharing and with the launch of advertising and continuing this series of content that we’re trying to deliver. to our members. So we’re keeping an eye on that segment, that’s for sure.”.

It must be said that these completely free streaming models are on the rise in the United States, but also in France where the service Pluto TV launched in 2021 offers a large number of programs on demand in exchange for advertising clips broadcast regularly.

The free streaming industry, often dubbed FAST, is even expected to reach 213 million active users in 2023 according to nScreenmedia, while the sector could bring in $4.1 billion in advertising revenue.

If it is not for immediately, it is therefore easy to understand why Netflix does not close the door to this option. The streaming platform refused for a long time to get into advertising, but it’s done with this package at 6 euros per month offered since last November.

The beginnings are also promising, and the service expects 8.17 billion dollars in revenue for the first quarter of 2023 alone. We also learned that 12% of the subscriber base now uses this “Basic with Ads” plan. “.

The Netflix package with advertising is a hit in France

In France too, the introduction of the offer with advertising seems to have found its audience. According to the OTT NPA Consulting Barometerconducted in collaboration with Harris Interactive, there are already 1.4 million customers for this formula. Other good news for the entertainment giant: 3 out of 5 subscribers are newcomers, which confirms the platform’s ambition to expand its customer base.

For your part, are you tempted by this offer with advertising, or do you prefer traditional Netflix subscriptions? Tell us in the comments.

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