Netflix soon completely free? “We are keeping an eye on this segment, that’s for sure”

Netflix soon completely free? “We are keeping an eye on this segment, that’s for sure”

The #1 video-on-demand platform could offer a free, ad-supported subscription. But not immediately.

It would be a revolution. Ted Sarandos, director of content for Netflix and co-CEO of the video-on-demand platform, admitted at a recent conference that a free plan could be offered one day. “We’re open to all of these different models that are out there right now. We’re keeping an eye on that segment, that’s for sure”he said that day, offers spotted by Télé7jours.

Already a subscription reduced to € 5.99

Obviously, this would not be without conditions. The consideration would be to accept the distribution of advertisements. And certainly in large numbers. In November 2022, a reduced price subscription, €5.99 (compared to €17.99 for a premium subscription), was launched, but with advertising pages of four to five minutes per hour.

However, this 100% free subscription project is not for now. Ted Sarandos qualified his remarks by recalling: “We have a lot on our plate this year with paid sharing.” Netflix must indeed soon compel users to pay to add profiles to their account, instead of sharing their password for free. This measure plans to cut off their access to the owner’s account, if the latter does not activate the new paid option.

Sharing, widely practiced around the world

The platform estimates that this account sharing practice affects more than 100 million households around the world. Hence these reflections to modify consumption habits, and this, while a recent study showed for the first time a significant erosion of the target audience of 15-24 year olds.

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