Netflix wants its money back and you are going to pay

Netflix wants its money back and you are going to pay

Netflix had announced it, and it will crack down. Account sharing will end once and for all, the VOD giant will clean up.

2023 will certainly mark the history of the platform netflixafter suffering a loss of momentum recently, the red N has decided to review its policy and his subscriptions. Not long ago, he notably offered an offer at a low price, but bombarded with pubs. A sleight of hand that obviously didn’t work and the offer was turned down.
At the same time, Netflix had said it would look into the problem of account sharing, which it said would affect around 100 million viewers. A huge figure when you know that the streaming leader has 223 million subscribers. The loss is therefore colossal and Netflix takes out the fangs.

Netflix will charge you for sharing

It is therefore well done, from the beginning of 2023, Netflix will deploy a system to prevent the sharing of passwords, and therefore of accounts, by forcing its users to pay an additional cost if they want to share their identifiers. The system will first be deployed in the United States from the beginning of 2023 and will gradually be put online everywhere in the world.
We do not yet know exactly when it will arrive in France, but it should certainly appear in mid-2023.

This new layer of anti-account sharing defense should work on identifying users’ IP, their activity on the platform and the media used to watch Netflix.

According to the managers, this system could allow Netflix to recover no less than 721 million dollars. Quite a sum.
However, the leaders are well aware that this will not be popular, but believe that users will eventually get used to it and agree to play along, as co-CEO Ted Sarandos puts it:

Make no mistake, I don’t think consumers are going to love it out of the box. It was up to the company to ensure that users had an interest in paying for the right to the service that is Netflix.

The company therefore has its feet on the ground and could think about some service improvements in the process, to make the pill go down and make users want to subscribe. And for those who think that it would be enough then to look elsewhere, know that the problem of account sharing is currently closely watched by all similar services. Whether it be Disney +Paramount or even HBO Max, all have their eyes riveted on this delicate problem which is causing the loss of staggering sums of money. It remains to be seen now how they intend to correct the situation and if users will find it when they arrive.

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