New Disney +: films, series and documentaries to watch in streaming in January 2023

New Disney +: films, series and documentaries to watch in streaming in January 2023

The Disney+ streaming platform intends to start this year 2023 with a bang, with several promising new films, documentaries and series. Discover them in this article.

But as usual, before listing all the news for January, here are our recommendations for the month.

The Disney+ series of the month

In a parallel universe where everyone discovers an extraordinary power on their 18th birthday, Jen is still waiting for hers… at 25 years old. Unable to move on, she is stuck in a job that does not interest her and a dead-end relationship with Luke, an unreliable young man. Lost in this vast world of which she has the impression of not holding the codes, and quite desperate, Jen sets off in search of her hypothetical superpower.

Created and written by young Emma Moran, the series Extraordinary announces an astonishing mixture between wonder and Flea bagall mixed with a sense of british” and corrosive to perfection. A variation on a genre as funny as it is tender, which paints the portrait of individuals in search of identity in a world where everyone seems to have found their way. From January 25.

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Disney+ movie of the month

free guy

A bank employee, discovering one day that he is in fact only a background character in an online video game, decides to become the hero of his own story, even if it means rewriting it. Now evolving in a world that knows no limits, he will do everything to save it, in his own way, before it’s too late…

When Ryan Reynolds (dead Pool) and director Shawn Levy (stranger things, Night at the Museum) attack the world of video games, it necessarily gives an explosive cocktail. free guy is an ultra-referenced comedy, drawing as much on GTA than in Star Wars and Marvel, and who has fun twisting the codes of all these universes to better entertain us. That’s what we ask of him, and that’s all we get. From January 13.

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