New screenwriter for the next Asterix

New screenwriter for the next Asterix

And after so many years, Ciné-Cadeau manages to charm us just as much, if? What a joy to see again for the umpteenth time Asterix and Cleopatra! But come on, let’s project ourselves a little into the future and already enjoy the next volume of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix, which will be published in the fall of 2023.

This year, volume 40 will see a new writer take up the pen Fabcaro, a well-known author and illustrator. Fabcaro, whose caustic humor and penchant for the absurd we especially appreciate, has the honor of taking the torch, emphasizing the childlike pleasure he takes in working on these characters that inhabited his childhood. He is best known for his graphic novels For, for, for, for, And if love were to love? and for his novels, published under his real name, Fabrice Caro, as Samurai etc Speech.

Fabcaro is only the fourth screenwriter who imagined the life of our friendly Gauls. Indeed, after the death of Goscinny, Albert Uderzo takes over the time of nine albums. Since 2013, he entrusted the script to Jean-Yves Ferri, and the illustrations to Didier Conrad. Until his death in 2020, he will give his opinion on the albums that will be released.

As usual, Albert René releases are jealously guarding the title and theme of the next album. We do know, however, that it will appear in October. Until then, the album of the film will be released in mid-February. Middle Kingdomwhich we will soon be able to see in cinemas.

Although the most dependent onAsterix we bitterly regret the beautiful humor of René Goscinny, obviously we continue to tear new albumsAsterix since sales have been monumental, in Quebec as elsewhere, with 1.5 million copies sold just for Asterix and Griffin, released in 2021. The license is profitable and attractive. From 2021 Albert René editions started a new series with this darling Idéfix. Certainly less popular and intended for the youngest, the collection is still gaining its place little by little. Besides that quiz boxesthere are these three books of Bernard Pierre Molin, also available in the bundle, that explain the nuances between truths and the liberties the authors took to shape their universe. Closer to home, let’s not forget too Asterix among Quebecers: Gall in America, by Tristan Demers, who traces all the similarities and acquaintances between Gaul and Quebec. Be that as it may, the entire collection of works revolves around these two Gauls!

By Toutatis, Asterix and Obelix haven’t finished talking about them!

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