News from Star Academy, Julien very worried, this support from Anisha

News from Star Academy, Julien very worried, this support from Anisha

News from Star Academy, Julien very worried, this support from Anisha

Julien very worried, the candidate seems to be going through a bad time. It was during an interview with TV Mag that he confided a little. During the last prime, something had completely paralyzed him. The candidate had almost given up on stage.

Star Academy News

The competition is on and the focus is mostly on Anisha. The young 22-year-old Malagasy seems to have convinced the juries but nothing is decided yet. Nikos Aliagas and the entire Star Academy team do their utmost to offer audiences an exceptional show. Worthy of the one that was aborted ten years ago now. Star Academy promises great surprises, revelations and above all emotions under the direction of Micheal Goldman.

As the competition has already progressed well, there had even already been eliminations. Anisha had been mentioned as the favorite at the moment. But she is not the only candidate who is talking about her. There is also Léa, but also Julien, who is not particularly appreciated by the teachers.

Julian very worried

A problem of behavior or simply sociability, Julien has trouble getting along with his teachers. Invited in an interview with TV Mag, he decided to confide a little. Julien then took the floor to come back to this episode of the last bonus. He made some revelations about his personality, perhaps so that others would understand him better.

During the last prime, he was totally paralyzed that he almost didn’t go on stage. It all happened behind the scenes, but when he steeled himself, he was finally able to make it to the end of the competition. For him, it was the very first panic attack he had had.

This support from Anisha

Julien and Anisha got closer during the last prime. Reciprocally, the two candidates support each other in the face of various situations. Both have already worked as a cashier and cashier. This has undoubtedly brought them a little closer, and sharing the same passion like singing brings all the candidates closer together.

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