Neymar delivers his secret weapon and unleashes it before leaving for Qatar!

Neymar delivers his secret weapon and unleashes it before leaving for Qatar!

The author of the extraordinary first part of the season with Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar he has silenced many critics in recent months.

Neymar, Paris PSG Paris Saint-Germain

In an interview given to Globo TVthe Parisian number 10 admitted that he was surprised by the significant physical commitment of the French championship when he arrived from FC Barcelona in 2017. “I had no idea how loud and intense it was here. The only way to escape (up to mistakes) it is to be attentive, concentrated, so as not to suffer the injuries that I have known in the past due to violent shocks, explained the Brazilian representative before sending a message to the opponents. The more I get into it, the more I want to dribble. It is the only way to protect myself and to attack the opponent. I don’t know how to get into it and I don’t really know how to defend, so I use dribbling”. he continued.

The World Cup in Qatar, the ultimate dream

During this interview, Neymar he was also asked about the World Cup, which he has dreamed of winning since childhood. His son, Davi Lucca, regularly reminds him of this goal. “He only asks me to win the World Cup. He’s just telling me about it. I sweat a lot to get what I want, the things I strive for. But I’m very happy with the start of the season, the training, everything.” dropped star of the Seleça.

Tite praises Neymar

In an interview with Globe SportsBrazilian coach Tite praised the current state of form of his colt. “He made individual preparations with the desire to start preparations during his vacation in Mangaratiba. Ricardo Rosa, his personal physical trainer, gave all the conditions. PSG provided this condition to speed up this whole process. But basically it is his ability to want to prepare individually. The will to win is one thing (…) When you prepare in advance, you reap what was done in the preparations”, explained the coach of Brazil.

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