Nicole Lattès, a great person in publishing, died at the age of 84

Nicole Lattès, a great person in publishing, died at the age of 84

DISAPPEARANCE Co-founder of the publication Jean-Claude Lattès and former director of Robert-Laffon, she has published Jacques Chirac, Jean d’Ormesson, Bernard Pivot, Matthieu Ricard or Jorge Semprun…

Allary Editions, which she has worked for since their launch, has just informed us of the death of Nicola Lattès, a great figure in publishing. “It is with great sadness that we report that Nicole Lattès, at the age of 84, has gone missing this morning, Tuesday January 31st. With her sparkling personality, energy, elegance, unerring intuition and numerous successes, Nicole will mark the release of the last fifty is stated in the press release.

During her long career, Nicole Lattès dealt with great authors, in all registers. Among the most famous, we can mention, among others, Jacques Chirac, Jean d’OrmessonMathieu Ricard and his father Jean-François Revel, the Dalai Lama, Bernard Pivot, Jorge SemprunJacques Lacarrière, John RolinSophie Fontanel, but also many young authors whom she helped promote, especially in Allary.

Nicole Lattès co-founded with her husband Jean Claude (who died five years ago), Éditions Jean-Claude Lattès, for about ten years, then co-directed Robert-Laffont for fourteen years (from 1999 to 2013), during which she created Nil Éditions. Gifted with a sense of marketing, she got into publishing by starting a mail-order book network.

Throughout her career, she never had blinkers and preferred quality popular literature. She succeeded both in the novel and in the document or works of well-being or spirituality, she who was a follower of yoga.

He asked Le Figaro about speeding up time, she told us the real difference between publishing books in a big house belonging to a group and a small independent house, she worked in both and knew how they work. “When you publish fifteen books a month, as was the case with Robert-Laffont, you are in a hurry, she confided. You are putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Everything has to go faster, you have to adhere to increasingly strict deadlines and budgets. Speed ​​affects the text – writing, correcting, retouching – and around the text – production, distribution. At small publishing houses – those that publish fifteen to twenty books a year, like Allary Éditions – we need more time, because each book is supported longer.”

“Nicole Lattès passionately loved her job as an editor (…). She will be missed by her authors as well as those who had the opportunity to work with her.we say at Allary Editions. We are losing a very dear friend, and the French edition a great figure.

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