Nicolo Fagioli gives birth during live stream on Twitch |

Nicolo Fagioli gives birth during live stream on Twitch |

Nicolo Fagioli spoke completely candidly during a live Twitch stream on the Juventus channel. He talks about his season at Juventus, some of the club’s players and much more. Check out some of his statements in this article.

His signature at Juventus:

« I was in Piacenza, then he called me Cremonese. Luckily I went there, I did well. Then I went to audition for Inter, it was already over, but Gigi Milani arrived… In the end, I immediately chose Juve. I always loved Juve because of Milani, I often hear about him, he gives me advice and I admire him a lot. »

His progress in the youth department of the club:

« Being in Juve’s youth sector helps you a lot, the coaches are very well trained and train you in every way. With the Under 23s was the peak of players coming out, in Serie C you grow a lot. Even Serie B helped me a lot. »

Draw against Atalanta:

« We’re sorry we didn’t win, the first half ended 2-1, it’s a shame for the first five minutes of the second half, but we recovered well and that’s a big sign of the team. »

Current dynamics of Juventus:

« I’m very happy with the moment, we had eight consecutive wins, then there was a break in Napoli. We have to keep it up, and I’m personally happy. »

Penalty received by the club:

« We were sorry for 15 points, we didn’t expect that. But we can’t do anything about it, we just have to go out on the field and try to get into the Champions League. Ferrero and Scanavino will fight for those 15 points, to win them all. They also told us to dissuade ourselves and bring even more passion to this shirt. »

Its purpose and its celebration:

« Fantastic, supreme emotion. I saw the ball that didn’t go in, then I got free. It was a perfect week, then I played in the Champions League with PSG, then with Inter and I scored again. It was beautiful, I dreamed about it since I was a child. I haven’t played that much in months, there are champions in Juve. There it was a release, both for me and for the team, which had to be confirmed after the victory against Torino. »

Danilo Luiz:

« A reference for me and for everyone, has charisma, helps everyone even in difficult times. He has always supported me since Pirlo’s days, I admire him a lot as a person and as a player. »

Angel DiMaria:

« Phenomenon, other categories. When we see him, it’s just a pleasure, I can’t wait to give him the ball. Off the field he is a fantastic, normal person, he laughs and jokes… I am very happy that he won the World Cup. »

His idols?

« As a child, Del Piero, I had his poster. Then Dybala, now Modric. I had a lot of Juve jerseys, I had them signed by Gigi Milani. »

His dream?

« To win the Champions League, and then the championship. I hope soon. »

His beginnings in Nazionale:

« When I made my debut, it was indescribable, it’s every child’s dream. I remember hitting the first ball with my chest, beautiful. The dream is to go to the World Cup in 2026 and win, but it’s a long way, I have to do my best. »

Championship this season:

« The level is very high, every game is not easy, we have seen it in the past as well, like in Cremona where we had problems. If you don’t give intensity, you have problems. The difference compared to B is technique and speed. »


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