Nicolo (Le Cross) very angry because of his ex Virginia, finds this gesture too much for him to digest

Nicolo (Le Cross) very angry because of his ex Virginia, finds this gesture too much for him to digest

After his participation in Fifty, Nicolo Ferrari is back Marseilles against the rest of the world against the motivated, aired on W9 from 14 November. On this occasion, the candidate v Cross entrusted TV for 2 weeks about his relationship with ex Virginia.

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Contact is definitely broken. Last May, Nicolo and Virginie participated in Trainee adventurers on W9, with Marwa and Kelegh, Ocean and Christopher or even Jessica and Thibault Garcia. Unfortunately, the show overcame their couple… Not long after the end of filming, the Italian reality candidate announces his breakup with Virginiaand he will not hesitate to condemn the behavior of his former companion. “It’s over with him and it’s better that way,” she announced on social networks. Six months later, Virginie was hanging out with Simon Castaldi behind Adixia’s back while Nicolo makes perfect love with Victoriathey met on the set Fifty. Asked about this topic by Télé 2 Semaines, poster candidate for Marseille against the rest of the world against the Motivated trust.

“Ending such a relationship is very bad”

“I have no more news”, says Nicolo about Virginia. And let me add: “She lashed out after my Youtube video explaining why I left the Apprentice Aventuriers shoot, she said I was talking bad about her. It’s nonsense.” But Virginie wouldn’t stop there. As Nicolo explains, still annoyed by these remarks, his ex Virginie also attacked Victoria: She called Victoria a bitch, it’s not possible”, Nicolo tells us. “Too bad. To end a relationship like that is really bad,” concludes.

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Virginie insulted Victoria after the Apprentice Aventuriers

If Victoria prefers to take this all as a joke, hoping that Virginie “stop insulting people”Nicolo, it’s hard for him to swallow a snake: “She has a strong character, but I don’t understand why she is so angry. She was mean for no reason. Today we don’t talk to each other at all.” Are they ready to bury the hatchet for future filming? For Nicola, it’s “finito pipo”: “I don’t know if we will meet again, but whatever happens, the book is closed for me for life.”


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