Night of reading in the “hide and seek”

Night of reading in the “hide and seek”

If it seems to be accepted and integrated that “reading is necessary for the acquisition of all other knowledge”, and that the book is a centuries-old vector, the tools and supports for reading today are multiple; from paper book to digital book to audio book, from synthetic or “syllabic” method to analytical method to name only them, readers and always readers!

For this 7th national edition of “La Nuit de la Lecture” on the theme of “Fear”, the team with Emmanuelle Michard from the inter-municipal network of media libraries Adour-Madiran chose for Vic a huge game of hide and seek for ages 6 to 10. Gamers-readers? Lya, Léonor, Lilly, Louise, Antoine, Jeanne, Adrien, Calvin, Maëlys, Cassandre, Anaïs, Lucie, Romane, Lisa, Maxence, Manon and Agathe, who were entrusted with the adventure by their parents and grandparents, found themselves in a muffled and sonorous atmosphere . “No injuries to regret despite some memorable races in the semi-darkness of the shelves,” and even that the last game of hide and seek brought several generations together.

The report shared for communication “we tasted, we read, we played, we made up a story about an evil snowman, we wrote or drew our fears to throw them into a magic cauldron and then burn them in the garden of the media library”.

So good that an appointment has already been made for the 8th edition.


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