Night Road – Dacia Spring, Mission Impossible (book)

Night Road – Dacia Spring, Mission Impossible (book)

This week, Caradisiac highly recommends a read that immerses you in the heart of a project that represents one of the biggest challenges of the automotive industry in recent years.

We go into the secrets of design Dacia springa cheap electric city car, originally designed for China where it would fail despite a promising launch, before being diverted to Europe where it is now very popular.

On the 272 pages of the book, which is the result of the work of two researchers and mobility experts, who were directly involved in the entire process, we reveal all the difficulties of the progress of the project involving the French group (Renault), the Japanese group (Nissan) and the Chinese group (Dongfeng) in product design, the technical basis of which is designed for India (Renault Kwid) !

Extraordinary organizational complexity, then, with Carlos Ghosn playing the role of arbiter between the various partners… until his arrest in Japan in 2018, after which relations between Renault and Nissan will turn dire. An additional difficulty, then.

The challenge is technological, industrial – how to design an electric city car that costs half as much as the Zoé – and of course human.

Also one of the strengths of the book is the insistence on the way in which the various stakeholders of the project managed to gradually agree, with flexibility and agility rare in such a “heavy” industry as the automotive one.

The book pays wide tribute to the excellent piloting of Gérard Detourbet (deceased at the end of 2019), the “father” of Logan and thus a recognized expert on impossible missions.

The car will see the light of day after many vicissitudes, mostly described in detail and commented on the pages, proving the benefits of a strategy aimed at the real needs of the driver population, which essentially consists of ” passengers », i.e. 15 million Europeans who hardly travel more than 30 km a day.

One thing is certain: after reading this book, which we recommend to everyone who has a direct or further interest in cars (but especially to future executives in the sector, who will better understand all aspects of the creation of models), you will not look at Spring the same way again.

Night Road - Dacia Spring, Mission Impossible (book)

*Christophe Midler, director of research at CNRS, Marc Alochet, researcher at the Center for Management Research at Ecole Polytechnique, and Christophe de Charentenay, expert in carbon-free mobility

Night Road - Dacia Spring, Mission Impossible (book)

A spring odyssey, the history and lessons of an impossible projectby Christophe Midler, Marc Alochet, Christophe de Charentenay, 271 pages, edited by Dunod, €22 (or €14 in digital version)

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