Nightmare in the kitchen: the restaurateur helped by Philippe Etchebest exasperates the Web (ZAPTV)

Nightmare in the kitchen: the restaurateur helped by Philippe Etchebest exasperates the Web (ZAPTV)

Unreleased episode of Kitchen nightmare on M6 this Monday, November 21. Patricia and Didier have called on chef Etchebest to help their son Jérôme, whose restaurant is going through major difficulties. Touched by the parents of the obviously desperate restaurateur, the Top Chef responded but ran into an unexpected problem.

Arriving in Charente-Maritime for a new issue of Cauchemar en cuisinein the restaurant opened more than three years ago by Jérôme, Philippe Etcheb is alerted by his parents knew that he was going to face a complex situation but he had not measured the extent of it. No or few reservations in the restaurant this chef trained according to his words, in great restaurants. For chef Jérôme, the explanation lies in the attitude of his server Steve. “I think I cook good food (…) it could come from Steve, There are customers who have not returned, because of his behavior, he has certain shortcomings and certain bad habits which affect the quality of service” swung the chef about his collaborator.

jerome and arrive Chief Etchebest with concernbelieving that his employee was not good “under pressure”. Yet it is not Steve certainly totally in the moon but of good will, which posed a problem to Chief Etchebest. After a virulent development, Steve was put back on the right track in two shots. Problem solved ? No. The map is no longer up to date, and not worked with seasonal products downright cringe Glenn Viel’s sidekickand the tasting of crying tiger the specialty of the very bland boss, put him on the track of another problem…

Jérôme alienates Internet users

Like the Internet users who first mockingly attacked Steve who did not “the Jobs“, Philippe Etchebest started making What Jérôme also had things to reproach himself for. Besides the fact that the latter cheerfully stabbed his employee in the back, the boss of fourth wall noticed during the next service, that the chef made big mistakes in the kitchen and that despite his “experiencehe drowned very quickly in a glass of water. And Dominic’s husband to also notice like the customers, that with sweet Steve, Jérôme was particularly unfriendly. The result of two difficult years? No, Jérôme’s own sister, who had agreed to work with him for a time, ended up confessing to Top Chef that she had abandoned her brother. tired of his wickedness, his bad faith and his touchy temper. For the Web, this revelation was undoubtedly the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Even the customers notice the odious attitude of the boss, mind-blowing! You surprise me that there isn’t a cat in normal times!”, “But ptdrrr why are you opening a restaurant if you don’t want to cook for your customers?! That kills me. In any case, hats off to Steve! What energy! “my server sucks…” while he’s doing sh*t in the kitchen... ” viewers got angry on social networks. Will Philippe Etchebest manage to bring out the lamb that is probably sleeping in the bear Jérôme? The fetish leader of M6 has after all, already subdued others as tough

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