Nikos Aliagas injured: this accident of which he had already been the victim in full live at the Star Academy

Nikos Aliagas injured: this accident of which he had already been the victim in full live at the Star Academy

Nikos Aliagas is always very spontaneous on the sets of his shows. A few years ago when he was already presenting Star Academy, the host had been confronted with an accident which could have made him lose his cool.

Nikos Aliagas is the king of live. On TF1, the 53-year-old host multiplies the programs in prime time whether it is for The voicethe NRJ Music Awards or the star academy. Since October 15, Tina Grigoriou’s companion took over the controls of the telecrochet on the first channel with a certain nostalgia.

It was thanks to the program that he found success with viewers and was able to continue his career as a presenter. Between 2001, Agathe and Andreas’ dad had taken his first steps on the set of what was to become the most famous school of song and dance. A moment he will never forget. For 8 seasons, the presenter marked the star academy in his way to the point of resuming service more than 20 years later. If he is now more comfortable than when he started, he is never safe from an accident, especially live.

Nikos Aliagas faced with the vagaries of live

The proof: because of a fall during the last Star Academy bonus, the host could not ensure the presentation of the NRJ Music Awards. He will still be on stage for the telecrochet bonus, this Saturday, November 19. But it was not the first incident of the season for him: on October 29, Nikos Aliagas was directly injured and at the very end of the show. “I just took a mic hit on my tooth“, he had launched to his sidekick Karima Charni, making a face and hiding his mouth. More fear than harm in the end for the host, who reassured viewers by explaining that he was fine and had “the hard tooth“.

If he was relieved to have just avoided a big injury, this was not the case a few years ago. In an interview with the Figaro in 2016, Nikos Aliagas admitted to having been the victim of an incident as he presented the star academy. “One day, I inadvertently received a nudge who broke my tooth at the end of a Star Ac’ live. I carried on as if nothing had happened“, he had revealed. A misadventure which did not traumatize him even if he had to go to his dentist urgently. It is the risks of live!

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