NLP back next May?

NLP back next May?

For several weeks, rumors about the return of NLP multiply. A fan of the Tarterêts group could put an end to speculation : Ademo and NOS would not return to the charts until May.

“The wind is good”

It was during their May 2022 tour that the two brothers began slipping in what their fans deemed as clues. Tarik and Nabil repeated to each of their concerts a rather enigmatic phrase: The wind is good “. The QLF then began to speculate on the title of a possible future album.

Since the end of their tour, the duo has been quite discreet…until the return of Ademo on instagram the night of New Year’s Eve. The latter broadcast a video from his car, with an extract from a potential future title: school. Since then, it’s been unrest among the QLF: the return of the two brothers would be well planned for 2023?

@payqlf, a fan of the duo who is used to analyzing and making theories explained that according to his information, PNL will not release anything before May 2023. The reasons are, according to him, quite simple: DTFduo signed on the label QLF recordsreleases his album on February 23. NOS and Ademo would therefore like leave the light on RKM and RTI.

The second reason is more personal: Tarik and Nabil want miss Ramadan before getting back into the bath. This year, the month of Ramadan falls from March 22 to April 21.

This message remains positive all the same since this information indirectly confirms to us that NLP could well be back this year, in May!

We just have to wait a few more months…


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