“Not only were people horrible, but they used homophobic slurs”

“Not only were people horrible, but they used homophobic slurs”

In a new interview for metal hammerthe singer ofArchitectsSam Carter, gave his opinion on a popular willow smith quote regarding gatekeeping in the community Metal.

Smith said last fall that metal was mostly the domain of “old white men” because they are the ones in control of it (“gatekeeping”: the act of keeping others out of what ‘WE love).

When Metal Hammer asked Carter if he agreed with Smith, he replied: “Yes. For years, I’ve wanted to wear some makeup, express myself and put on a show. But I didn’t for a very long time because I was like, ‘People are going to fuck with me and I don’t want that’. And then they did. Not only were people horrible, but they used homophobic slurs. I had the impression that this milieu, when I was growing up and when I was in school, was so open to the marginalized. How did it come to be this world where you say, ‘You can’t do this if you’re a woman… You can’t do this if you’re gay’. Like, what the fuck? Artistic freedom is subject to a lot of controls.”

By the way, Carter isn’t gay. In fact, he and his fiancée, Abby, recently wrote a children’s book together. But lately, he’s been vocal about how “inconvenient” stereotypes surrounding homosexuality in the metal community affect him.

He has previously expressed his contempt for this type of behavior when the Deep Fake clip surfaced online, as well as in an interview for Kerrang!.

Nevertheless, none of this seems to affect the notoriety of Architects since the group will give several big concerts this year, in particular in the first part of Metallic May 19, 2023 at the Stade de France (also with Mammoth WVH).

Architects released their latest album, titled The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit, on October 21 via Epitaph Records.

Architects – Deep Fake:

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