Not recommended for children under 16, this violent film leaves Netflix in a few days

Not recommended for children under 16, this violent film leaves Netflix in a few days

You only have a few days left to watch this ultra-violent film not recommended for children under 16, directly released a few years ago on Netflix. Five years after it was put online, the American production will only be a vague memory for the millions of subscribers to the platform.

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After the withdrawal from the series Damnationit’s the turn of this action film to leave the catalog of netflix. In effect, the film acts of revenge will no longer be available after Tuesday, January 24. Take advantage of these few days to (re)see Antonio Banderas as Frank Valera, a well-known Pittsburgh lawyer whose life changes when his wife, Sue, and daughter, Olivia, are brutally murdered and their bodies dumped in a hole near the rail yard. One of the inspectors in charge of the case suspects the murderers of belonging to the Russian mafia which operates in the region. Drunk with revenge, the sharp-tongued lawyer takes a vow of silence until he finds their murderer and punishes him himself. At the same time, he begins to train in close combat and the handling of weapons.

Antonio Banderas, Paz Vega… Who is in the cast of the film acts of revenge ?

In this action thriller directed by Isaac Florentine (to whom we owe the saga Ninja), we find Antonio Banderas in the skin of a lawyer ready to do anything to avenge the death of his wife and his only daughter. The Spanish actor responds to Karl Urbanwho brilliantly embodies officer Hank Strode, and Paz Vega, who lends his features to the sweet nurse Alma. Alongside them, we also find Clint Dyer, Cristina Serafini, as well as Lillian Blankenship, who respectively play Mr. Shivers, Susan Valera and Olivia Valera. Actors Robert Forster, Johnathon Schaech, Velislav Pavlov and Raicho Vasilev complete the cast of this film which will soon no longer be available on Netflix.

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100% Physicalthis new South Korean reality TV expected on Netflix

If many content disappears from the Netflix catalog, it is above all to make room for new original productions. And this is particularly the case of 100% Physicala new South Korean reality show which will be available from this Tuesday, January 24. Spectators subscribed to the platform will soon discover a hundred participants in excellent physical shape who will compete in a series of extreme challenges to survive. Regardless of age or gender, competitors come from all walks of life to determine who will be the best of them all. Only one of them will have the honor of being crowned winner and winning the jackpot.

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