not recommended for those under 18, this ultra-violent film has enjoyed unprecedented success

not recommended for those under 18, this ultra-violent film has enjoyed unprecedented success

This horror-terror film prohibited for children under 18 and released 20 years ago in cinemas is a hit with Netflix subscribers. Will you have the courage to watch it?

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Netflix adds almost as much new content as older programs that have proven themselves in the past. In most of the cases, the streaming platform gives a second wind to productionseven those which were not necessarily unanimous with critics when they were released in theaters. If the horror thriller not found was a hit with subscribers fifteen years after its release, the horror-horror film Deadly detourreleased in 2003, is making an unlikely comeback thanks to the platform. In addition to get the 7th place of the top of the most viewed content of the momentmany Internet users mention Rob Schmidt’s project on social networks. At the time of its theatrical release, it was banned for those under 16, but due to its extreme violence and cannibalistic characters, Netflix has decided to classify it as “prohibited under 18”.

20 years after its release Deadly detour is a hit on Netflix, what is it about?

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The thriller tells the story of Chris, the main character, who goes to an interview. With traffic blocked due to an accident, he decides to take an alternate route that takes him through the forest. As nothing goes as planned, he hits a car of young campers whose tires are flat. The group realizes that barbed wire had been placed here on purpose. They then find a cabin in the foliage and hope to find help. Naturally, they will rather fall on cannibal murderers, lovers of barbed wire.

Who is in the cast of Deadly detour ?

The cast consists of Desmond Harrington (Quinn in Dexter), Eliza Dushku who played Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Emmanuelle Chriqui who regularly played the role of Sloan in the series Surroundings and Jeremy Sisto (Special Agent Jubal Valentine in FBI). If the universe of Deadly detour please know that the film marks the beginning of a trilogy : Deadly Detour 2 (2007) and Deadly Detour 3 (2009). Two prequels were also released in 2011 and 2014 (Bloody Origins, Blood Ties), but also another film called Last resort and a reboot, Deadly Detour: The Foundation (2021).

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