Not so quiet on Tuesdays

Not so quiet on Tuesdays

Thanks to the Quartier des Spectacles partnership, Montrealers and their visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a winter program dedicated to literature, two Tuesdays a month.

Thus, from January 17, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Grand salon de l’esplanade Tranquille, evening talks will be held on various artistic topics that share the rebellious and dreamy spirit of the legendary bookseller Henri Tranquille. Journalist and cultural mediator, Julie Laferrière will be the host Quiet Tuesdays in the name of literature, writing and creativity. In addition to free attendance at these privileged moments, the public is invited to participate in the discussions. Moreover, Henri Tranquille and his bookshop Tranquille, an exhibition about this bookstore and its owner allows you to learn more about their influence in the literary world of the time. Pay attention to the presence of a self-service bookstore and the possibility of playing games borrowed from the Ludothèque.

These are the upcoming activities:

January 17 : Around Henri Tranquille with writer Yves Beauchemin, director Jean-Pierre Gariépy and journalist Marc Laurendeau.

January 31 : Bookstore roundtable with Quebec Booksellers Association CEO Katherine Fafard, owner and bookstore Le Port de tête, Martin Turcotte and bookseller Pierre Lefebvre.

February 14 : Recording in songs

February 28 : Global rejection and visual art

Visitors can grab a bite to eat at Galaxie Brasserie or Patin Patin.

Therefore, the agreement is that these Tuesdays Silence, a matter of warming the heart and soul!

To find out more about Esplanade Tranquille activities, it’s here.

The library of the Grand Salon and exhibition of Henri Tranquille: © Ulysse Lemerise / OSA

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