Now the brides will settle accounts together and at the table

Now the brides will settle accounts together and at the table

No more last minute clashes on the porch! From this Friday, the bride judges of 4 weddings for 1 honeymoon will take place, in a new castle, at a “table of honor” and will view all four the comments and the notes that they have attributed to each other.

“It leaves more room for authenticity and spontaneity as well as discussion and understanding of certain things,” says the host. Elodie Villemus to 20 minutes.

There is still a good chance that this new device will cause explosive settling of scores for a 4/10 attributed to a wedding dress or a remark on a surprise bread suspected of being stale.

“They get angry but discuss it”

“It is more than ever conducive to major explanations in the event of disagreement with the notes, recognizes Elodie Villemus. In the old version, each discovered the notes in the company of their husbands, the other three were not there and therefore could not support or, I would say, even more bury the one who felt she was being misjudged. It gives more strength and intensity. Today, they get angry but they have the opportunity to discuss. »

Husbands, in the case of heterosexual couples, will only have a very small role to play in the show. Until then, whoever won the game arrived by car at the end of the Friday episode and joined his other half, bouquet of flowers in hand. From now on, servers will bring a bell to each candidate. The person to whom the dish containing a wedding cake will be the winner.

Elodie Villemus at the wedding

This new season of 4 weddings for 1 honeymoonlaunched this Monday at 7 p.m. on TFXwill see another novelty: Elodie Villemus herself went to the weddings for a special week.

“I was able to live this experience from the inside, it allowed me to better understand how candidates can sometimes react,” she says. A difficulty arose for her: “I absolutely must not influence the married judges with my comments. The show’s faithful will soon find out if she succeeded.

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