OD Martinique: Luckily, Sandrine was there!

OD Martinique: Luckily, Sandrine was there!

Finally, it’s over! This long decline towards the post-OD storm ended this Sunday with the departure of Ally and Félix, from whom we have seen absolutely nothing of the relationship, for obvious reasons.

When we look back on these last three painful 90-minute Sundays when we managed to remove all the problematic candidates (and the sponsors who withdrew) from the images, we say to ourselves: thank you, Sandrine was there!

The newest member of the board decided to play big by trying to convince Rami that he was better off with her than with Koralie-Maya. Normally, this story would have been presented to us in a succinct way, between Ally and Félix’s trip and that of Philippe and Kiana, but since only this narrative framework was now certain, it took all the place.

We can even say without too much error that the student in financial security from Drummondville allowed OD Martinique to continue. Because seeing Claudia and Jimy smooching by the pool and complaining that it’s hard to develop a relationship seeing each other so little couldn’t be more soporific.

Sandrine fought until the end for Rami, but when the latter finally chose his side (it was not done with great conviction, let’s say it), she decided to have fun and kiss Zachary. Again, Sandrine played her role as a reality TV savior in full decline since this gesture caused a massive reaction on social networks.

Virginie and Freeman have also given us some delicious discomfort over the past three weeks, but their shaky relationship wouldn’t have been enough to fill three 90-minute episodes.

So, once again, thank you Sandrine, great savior of reality TV. Let’s hope we can do without your superpowers for the next two weeks!

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