OD Martinique: The winners already crowned?

OD Martinique: The winners already crowned?

It’s official: we are only one week away from the grand finale ofOD Martinique.

Even if the outcome of this anything but normal season is already proving more than predictable (well, hopefully), we have already felt for a few weeks that everyone, both on the production side and the fans, is simply looking forward to turn the page and say: “See you next year”.

The episode broadcast this Sunday, November 20, once again seemed to be heading towards the said finale on automatic pilot.

A trip for Aïssa and Walide, a journey in a transparent kayak for Virginie and Freeman, a whirlwind visit from Julie Snyder and… Michèle Richard? Get there, why not?

Then we learned the identity of the two couples who were going to take part in the last trip of the season to Morocco. Or rather, we had confirmation that it was indeed Jimy and Claudia, and Walide and Aïssa.

Even if some would have liked to see Sandrine (potential crush of the season) and Rami have a chance to continue the development of their relationship in such circumstances, time unfortunately ran out for the two main interested parties who, with a few more weeks , could have offered a more solid opposition to the favorite couple of the season.

Then we were treated to long minutes where the last excluded candidates were able to say loud and clear how much they had enjoyed their experience.

Jay Du Temple also took the time to thank the final entrants for their participation.

If the production still seems a little fashionable “limit the damage”it must be said that the very routine of the adventure has been completely turned upside down.

Since the (expected) departure of Koralie-Maya, we should not expect new dramas in the houses either.

Beyond the beautiful images of Morocco, it only remains to see what the surprise presence of the two board members on the final trip will change in the equation.

We are at least 99.9% assured of a happy ending. At least that’s it.

OD Martinique is broadcast from Sunday to Thursday at 6:30 p.m., on Noovo.

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