Olivier Lucenay describes his journey in the book

Olivier Lucenay describes his journey in the book

Outbreak of finished evil, Chronicle of a metamorphosis yours is your first self-published book. It is an autobiographical story. Why did you want to tell your story in a book?

It wasn’t a wish. I took it as a mission because I have been thinking about it for years since 2012. I wasn’t a priest yet, but regarding my life testimony, a sociologist told me: “It would be nice if one day you think about writing your story because you have something to share”. And then, when I later became a priest, over the years, people always looked to me for clues about what I was saying and then for my thinking. And then we’ll say it was kairos (a reference to the Greek god of ‘opportunity’ editorial note), it was an auspicious moment. Talking about me was also therapy, because I discovered myself by reading my story. And then I want to say that it is an easy breeding ground for the reader to enter my thoughts on the various topics I deal with in the book.

This evil is over, so are you?

That’s it, that’s me. This is a bad ending. He is my totem animal and I enjoy identifying with him.

It’s also a nod to one of your favorite authors, Patrick Chamoiseau, the author of the book 7 consciousness of ultimate evil . He is an inspiration for you ?

Oh yeah, totally. Also, I contacted him at that time since I started the book in 2019 and he encouraged me to start writing. He told me that we always have something to say, so he encouraged me and there was a connection with the animal, with the author himself. And so, it gave this. He was one of my sources of inspiration.

Now let’s talk about this unique journey that is yours and that this book echoes. You were a young person completely immersed in your time of music, sports, excitement… before you joined the ranks in 2014. In the book, you recount your encounter with God.

We tend to say that God writes straight on curved lines. Well, I think life materializes this saying well. The life of a child, an adolescent, a young person, with all the good and the less fortunate that I experienced, I became a priest, entered the priesthood. And that is what then colored my function and way of expression.

Indeed, you were quite an atypical priest. And then last year you finally gave up your church duties. Have they told you that you are taking up too much space or are you you who felt too tight in your cassock?

It’s more like a second option. I felt too cramped. It was never easy to find the right fit between the demands of the institution and its codes and my intuitive side that relied on my personality. For years I happily tried to compose. I want to say clearly that I am really grateful because I experienced very beautiful things. I didn’t leave because of a crisis or I don’t know what, but it was really a moment of my maturation. I felt that the tree that I was was a little tight in this container and that it should be planted in the ground and suddenly, out of the container, but to continue the started mission with more zest, more inner harmony, more personal vibration what, with those in which it resonates .

Ten months later, with no regrets, was it the right choice?

The semblance of regret was only after, before and after. Because I still took the time to discern. I also took time with my priest. My only fear was: “Lord, I don’t want to make mistakes because I’m doing this, because I want to serve you more and more coherently with what you put in me as life, as energy.” Afterwards, I see that step by step it really is, and this can be seen in terms of peace, intuition and new energies.

When you meet your former parishioners, what do they tell you? Will those who question your choices be answered in the book?

I want to clarify right now that I did not write the book after resigning because I was asked that question. I started the book in 2019, and it was already finished in 2021. So after resigning, I just added one chapter and then changed the conclusion a little. So the book was already finished before that. Generally, when I meet former devotees, they tell me, “Father, you have left us.” I say “well no, I didn’t leave you, I’m here and I didn’t even hold you”. But yes, in the book we will also obviously find, not the reasons for my resignation because it is not a book to explain myself, but we will understand the reasons for my resignation, because this resignation is part of the growth that started a few years ago.

You clearly express your attachment to your island, to your Martinican culture. What is the struggle or what are the struggles of Olivier Lucenay today?

I have already checked my compliance with my attachment to my people and then brought my grain of rice when I can. The book is already an invitation to think, since I sometimes approach the topics in the book in a rather cartoonish way in order to create exactly the places for conferences, debates, not only dedications, but many meetings and reflections with different people. . So that’s my wish. I don’t know where I’m going, but in any case it’s a wish. But above all I want to say in the book, I say, if I move, everything moves. This is one of my leitmotifs. If Martinique wants to be well, Olivier Marie must be well. So here it is. It is also to check my consistency with what I want for the people themselves. Knowing that I’m not a savior, ha, I’m a Martinican carrying my grain of rice with others who want things to move!

Sometimes people destined for a political career start with a book, often an autobiography. Would you see yourself committingin politics?

No… I prefer polis (quoted in Greek editorial note) , the life of the city. Not communal police (laughs). City life, yes. Involved in the life of the city. Politics, I cooperate but I don’t see each other, being there, we don’t know afterwards, but not a priori.

Olivier Lucenay will be at the signing session on January 13, 2023 from 9 hhours at 11 hours in Camp Tourtet in Balata and 18 hat 7 p.m hours in the cultural center Bourg du Lamentin. January 14 In 2023, it will be in the Présence bookstore Creole in Fort-de-France from 10 hours to 13 hours.eures and Cultura in Le Lamentin from 15 hat 18 hyour

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