Olivier Minne: this draconian diet at the origin of his dazzling weight loss!

Olivier Minne: this draconian diet at the origin of his dazzling weight loss!

At 55, Olivier Minne is more dazzling than ever. While the spectators are wondering about his slimming secret, the presenter of the Club des invincibles, renowned for his prominent muscles and his athletic body, delivered his tip for losing weight in record time. What is this draconian regime that the innkeeper of Fort Boyard inflicts on himself?

Always higher, always stronger! In the mouth ofOlivier Memorythis saying has a special flavor. Indeed, it is better to know how to show endurance to present Fort Boyard, the cult program of France 2, which makes presenter and candidates run through the fort to collect the precious boyars. To keep up the pace, the manager of the program submits to a very strict dietwhich could put off more than one! If today Olivier Memory does not miss an opportunity to highlight his athletic figure, the presenter has not always been in top form.

Complexed by his few superfluous kilos several years ago, the latter had not skimped on the means or on the abdo sessions to find his body of Apollo. “This year, I mainly tried to lose weight. Last winter, I was still up to 112 kilos. Despite my 1.91 m, it’s way too greasy ! There, frankly, I was no longer going into anything” he confided annoyed to France Sunday. To get back in shape, the conductor of the Invincible Club had committed himself to an ultra-strict dieta program with small onions which did not prevent him from keeping the “fishing”: “I managed to lose 24 kg eating practically nothing but peaches“. What not to do to gain a few trouser sizes!

Olivier Minne’s ultra-sporty routine

Sheathed pecs, developed muscles… We are talking aboutOlivier Memory. Its perfectly drawn silhouette leaves more than one speechless. But an athlete’s body has to be earned! To reach the body goals, better have your cardio well hung. It’s no secret that Olivier Minne has become France 2’s muscle gentleman by sticking to his television set. this one swears by sport. In the columns of France Sundaythe presenter had revealed practicing several times a week of swimming and bodybuilding. As you approach fifty, the former sidekick of Anne-Gaëlle Riccio explained the importance of taking care of yourself:The body no longer reacts the same. And even though aging brings experience, I can’t forget that each passing year brings me closer to the exit door“. You can do it !

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