Omar Sy evokes without language of wood his current relationship with Fred Testot

Omar Sy evokes without language of wood his current relationship with Fred Testot

Omar Si became known to the general public thanks to the Emissions after-sales servicethe humorous pastille that he hosted with Fred Testot in The big newspaper channel more. In 2011, the actor’s career took off thanks to the film Untouchables. He has since played in many films and even appeared in several American blockbusters like x-men or Jurassic world. SA-Series Lupine was also a hit on Netflix. The actor who is one of the favorite personalities of the French is currently showing Skirmishers by Mathieu Vadepied. YouTube channel guest YesHustle, he returned without waffling on Fred, his former accomplice.

Distance and time got the better of the friendship between Omar and Fred

His interlocutor wanted to know where Omar Sy’s relationship was with the one who was in the past “his best friend”. “Nothing is happening. I can’t tell you better, that nothing is happening”, he first said. Before explaining in more detail what kept them away. “Today, we don’t see each other anymore, because time has eroded things. I went to the United States for a year. We went from a moment when we saw each other every day, because we were working together, because it was my partner, we wrote, we toured, we edited together. We were together every day. When I left for the United States, we spent a year without seeing each other, the phone calls, the projects that I was doing. Life made that little by little, it crumbled a little”, he advanced. Omar Sy gave another reason for the erosion of their friendship. “The change in status of each other, which meant that time wore us down a bit. This distance got the better of us. Today, you realize that in the end it was work that bound us, since from the moment we no longer worked together, this friendship crumbled., he continued, not hiding that he was saddened by this situation.

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There is no animosity between the two men

Omar Sy still retains affection for his former sidekick and does not rule out the possibility of reconnecting with him one day. There is always respect, there is always friendship, there is always love even for him, because I lived with him, I only lived it with him. It places him in a special place in my heart and in my life. I learned a lot with him. I may find him again, God knows, but today, nothing is happening. I’m no longer in his life, he’s no longer in mine”, he concluded. He assured that there was no animosity between them.

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