On August 12, I buy the book Quebec – Suggestions from artists… Jean-Sébastien Bourré – Vingt55

On August 12, I buy the book Quebec – Suggestions from artists… Jean-Sébastien Bourré – Vingt55

Here are some suggestions of artists we really like that might influence your choice! A little note for everyone: if the book is not physically in the bookstore, it is possible to order it on the spot and receive it in just a few days! Don’t hesitate to ask to make your happiness… and the author’s happiness happy!

Le Vingt55 and Jean Sébastien Bourré wish you…Happy Reading!

Christine Michaud

Goat walker (Francine Ruel, Libre expression).

“This story touched me very much… Reading this made me more present and gave me the desire to make better use of life and the passing time… Then to go for a walk with the goats, which I did at the goat farm on Alderbrooke road. »

You can also get his latest book, Choose joy and lightness (edited)

Nathalie Roy

A stunning ice cream memory (Catherine Lafrance, Druid)

“A well-crafted Nordic thriller with many twists and turns. Scandinavian authors have nothing to envy. »

You can also get his latest book, Vertigo of the heart (Libre expression).

Simon Boulérice

Sad (Sam Cyr)

You can also get his latest book, lunch with dad (from La Bagnole).

Amelie Dubois

Walking on Lego blocks and other reasons to love life (Stephane Dompierre)

“A classic full of humor! »

You can also get his latest book, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! (The United Publishers).

Michel Dorais

Ténébre (Paul Kawczak, People).

“Sensitive souls, hold back. The most amazing story I’ve read in a long time.”

You can also get his latest book, A guide to good sexual behavior for men (Trécarré).

Fabienne Larouche

Paper Towns: The Life of Emily Dickinson (Dominique Fortier, Grasset).

Michel Trudeau

From the male end, from packaging and other usual places (Serge Bouchard and Bernard Arcand, Boréal, Papers glued collection).

Valerie Knight

Where I land (Caroline Dawson).

An anthology of current poetry by women in Quebec (Vanessa Bell and Catherine Cormier-Larose).

You can also get his latest book, The fire of possibility (Hurtubise).

Tristan Demers

Without making more history (Anne De Léan, editions L’Homme), continued Without making a fuss.

“I’m a lover of sociology and popular culture, here’s a fun way to learn about the history of Quebec through its anecdotes and unusual, even incredible facts. Vintage visual texture, reads itself. »

You can also get his latest book, Unicorn Club T.4: Follow the wave (Adventure Press).

Marie-Josee Longchamps

Biography of Fr Beatrice Picard, With age, you can say anything (Sylvain-Claude Fillion). “A very inspiring book! »

She can still be seen on tour with Béatrice Picard and musician Jean-Jacques Bourdeau in Béatrice & Marie-Josée in spoken word.

Denis-Martin Chabot

Kamouraska (Anne Hebert)

“It may be old, but still so beautiful! »

You can also get his latest book, Metro Berri-UQAM (Crescendo!).

Martha Saint-Laurent

Diary of a cycling trainee, pushing the boundaries at 54 (Francine Gaulin)

“I met this author at a book fair… very inspiring! »

You can also get his latest book, The truth… to say or to keep silent? (JCL editions).

Jerome Charlebois

Suddenly alone (Isabelle Autissier)

You can see him performing almost everywhere!

Jocelyne Cazin

A stunning ice cream memory (Catherine Lafrance, Druid)

You can also get his latest book, my true identity (Libre expression).

To you Pelletier

Paul’s comics, especially Pavla in the village (Michel Rabagliati, Watermelon).

Soon we can see him in the second season Reasonable suspicion.


The book where the chicken dies at the end (Francois Blais, 400 shots).

Series Anna Caritas (Patrick Isabelle).

You can also get the first volume of his series (9) lives of Lilo. The second volume will be released on August 24. That gives plenty of time to read the first one!

Jocelyn Lebeau

Where I land (Caroline Dawson, fus edition).

This is the first novel of this professor of sociology. “It tells the story of this family that left Chile under Pinochet in 1986 to settle in Montreal. This immigration story is touching, relevant and full of humanity. In addition, it is full of references to popular culture, from Passe-Partout to Johanna Blouin, via Radiohead, Pierre Falardeau and Liberté yogurt! I suggest it to everyone. »

We can always follow Jocelyn inside geolocate love on ICI TOU.TV EXTRA.

Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay

The appearance of a deer (Elise Turcotte)

You can always get his latest book, The voice of nature (The legacy of the young).

Marie-Krystel Gendron

follow your star (Alexandra Philibert)

“For his rhythmic, touching pen and the impression that we experience the emotions of the characters at the same time as they do”.

You can also get his latest book, Single man looking for a pet (The United Publishers).

Guylaine Guay

An atypical family: a book of testimonies (Catherine Bourgault, Schooner)

You can also get his latest book, Gloria breaks out of the mold (Car).

André-Carl Vachon

rebellious brothers (Claude Vaillancourt, Druid)

You can also get his latest book, Colonization of Acadia 1632 to 1654 (Tide).

Anne Marie Dupras

mom moments (comics by Anne-Marie Dupras)

Once she’s a girl… Confessions of funny Quebec women (Annie Deschamps and Anne-Marie Dupras)

Francis Gallant

my true identity (Jocelyne Cazin, Free Expression)

Unknown territories (Patrice Godin, Libre expression)

Five wounds that prevent you from being who you are (Lise Bourbeau, Pocket)

Michelle White

Do it! Our consumption between the pandemic and the climate crisis (Jacques Nantel, in collaboration with Robert Blondin, Somme Tout editions).

Jean Marie Lapointe

The beaver reflex, 19 sentences that stop me from moving forward… and from changing! (Diane Bérard and Rémi Tremblay, edited by Guy Saint-Jean)

Esther Begin

All books by Michel Jean, incl Law, The wind is still talking about it, Atuk, she and us etc Tiochtia: Yes.

“Not only are Michel’s novels moving and well-written, they lift the veil on an entire part of Canadian history that has been neglected for too long. »

Danny Turcotte

spoil (Andree A. Michaud)

“Great thriller with Stephen King sauce! »

Catherine Bourgault

Deprived (Victoria Grondin, Hurtubise).

” My favorite! In this book, the majority of the population is autistic, and those who aren’t are the ones who are looked at as oddballs. This is a topic that hits home for me because of my family situation. This book is so well done!”

You can also get his latest book, An atypical family: a book of testimonies (Schooner).

Alex Ayotte

Look for Sam (Sophie Bienvenu, editor of August Horse)

Sacha (Samuel Champagne, De Mortagne)

Book suggestions from our journalist Jean-Sébastien Bourré

A remarkable woman, Catherine Éthier (Stanké)

A feather to be discovered! Lively, witty, deep and strongly illustrated… A novel in which the reader will come to great insights, and which will sometimes make him laugh.

The story features Corinne Gazaille, a public figure from Quebec who works in both radio and television. The general public loves her and she has everything to shine in the spotlight. However, diving into her thoughts, into a beautifully woven story told in the first person, we realize that Corinne does not shine so much from the inside. Her anxiety, certain life choices and a somewhat comforting idea of ​​her own death draw a daily life for her that is very different from what would be expected of a thirty-year-old woman who should have everything to herself.

Catherine Éthier’s pen is sensitive and full of interesting cultural references that have the good fortune to surprise us when Corinne presents them as a comparison in situations where we would least expect it. Her writing reflects all the beautiful strength of the woman that she is and that she portrays through her character.


“I decided to file for bankruptcy in Longueuil.

I can’t say what convinced me the most, above all that I wasn’t bankrupt in my bourgeois neighborhood – where I would inevitably meet a vague acquaintance, who would congratulate me on my recent successes, ignoring my puffy face covered with nasty cramps and dripping tears – and walking into the office in the city where I grew up. Longueuil witnessed everything. She witnessed my first kiss in the driveway in front of the pink house. She saw me bleaching my mustache and considered it a great success. Longueuil also took care of me, abandoned at this McDonald’s table in his sad subway, minutes after my first love left me. The big one (big loves, especially the first ones, know how to do it, when it’s time to choose the right place for a gentle parting next to a fish fillet). No city knew me better.

Like a grandmother who loves her grandchildren even if they butcher the neighbor’s cat, Longueuil would forgive me for the sad wreck I had become. The return of the trash child begging for forgiveness for being so disappointing. »

One day my head bent my knees, Alain Labonté and La Bête Noire (La Bête Noire)

This book is beautiful, both aesthetically and in writing. A beautiful combination of the work of Alain Labonté and the photographer nicknamed La Bête Noire.

One day my head bent in my knees tells an unusual story in an era in which we become aware of what is unacceptable in our relationships with others, what we should not (anymore) accept. It is about self-discovery within LGBTQ+ communities, the search for love, domestic violence and self-reconstruction.

Love for yourself before love for others.

The images of La Bête Noire are striking, striking, and the text by Alain Labonté is poignant and poignant. A book to put on the coffee table to occasionally read excerpts from it or to allow guests to do so.

“The title “One day my head bent my knees” inspired me with fragments of a story about a man from the LGBT community who, as an adult, will be a victim of domestic violence. This period will be characterized by anxiety and depression. – Alain Labonté, in the foreword

“A priori, my art is not aesthetic, but ethical. In our world where predatory appetite triumphs, I question religious, political and every other form of subjugation of man to man. I also wonder about our individual and collective values ​​or our own alienations. – The black beast, in the preface


“One day it was you.

For the first time, my heart gave way.

I opened the door for you.

You entered through all the windows.

Then I drank from your hand, you were so beautiful.

I put you in the center of everything.

Slowly, my lips on yours, I built my first house of cards.

My head slowly began to bend on my knees. »

You can also get his excellent self-published horror novels here:

And finally, very modestly, Éric Beaupré’s favorite editor and Vingt55 journalist

Still relevant: Suppression of voices, advocacy for the preservation of regional information, Pointless etc speaks from author Marie-Ève​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Le Vingt55 also invites you to shop at your local bookstore!

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