One of the biggest IPTV platforms disappears

One of the biggest IPTV platforms disappears

The site had received several formal notices from rights holders.

The pirate IPTV site USTVGO allowed to watch hundreds of American channels ABC, CBS, AMC, Nickelodeon, NBC, etc.). The illegal service was particularly used by people who were outside the United States. USTVGO followers have recently noticed that the site is no longer available. Indeed, a message indicating “Sorry, we’re closed” now appears on the site.

At first, some thought it was a temporary situation. It is not uncommon for a site to be inaccessible for a while due to maintenance. However, this situation persisted over time. Certain users and certain media, including torrentfreakthen noticed that the site’s mail servers no longer existed, so any direct communication became impossible. Similarly, the site’s official Discord channel has completely disappeared. An observation quickly became clear: the site was not simply under maintenance.

As surprising as it may seem, USTVGO has never appeared on the list of known pirate sites of the United States Department of Commerce. The IPTV platform, however, enjoyed significant popularity. According to Torentfreak, the number of unique views had exceeded 16 million per month.

However, USTVGO has received several formal notices in recent months from ESPN, Major League Baseball and NBCUniversal, among others. For its part, the association for the protection of content protected by copyright Alianza (which represents companies such as Fox, HBO, Nagara and even Discovery) had listed USTVGO for a while as a piracy site.

According to Torrentfreak, it would be a formal notice that would have prompted the managers of USTVGO to close the site. They would simply have feared significant repercussions.

The pirate IPTV site has therefore closed its doors, which is a victory for the rights holders. However, other illegal IPTV platforms are already scavenging traffic from USTVGO.

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