Optical illusion: Few people will find a pen hidden among books in 12 seconds!

Optical illusion: Few people will find a pen hidden among books in 12 seconds!

What is an optical illusion?

An optical illusion, also known as a visual illusion, is a type of illusion caused by the visual system as part of visual perception. They are characterized by a visual perception that differs from reality.

In simple words, an optical illusion is a type of illusion in which we are unable to clearly perceive the scene or image that we have seen with our eyes. We misinterpret or are easily deceived by images or scenes

Will you be able to find the pen hidden among the books in less than 12 seconds?

Optical illusions are phenomena that deceive us or that we can easily perceive by looking at a picture or scene with our own eyes. Since it is a bit tricky, people prefer to explore optical illusions. Optical illusions always arouse people’s curiosity.

optical illusion corrector pen

Exploring optical illusions not only makes people curious and interested, but also improves brain and eye efficiency by developing observational skills. People have been searching the internet for optical illusions to stimulate their brains to perform more productive tasks. One such task is an optical illusion: Can you find a pen hidden among books in 12 seconds?

An explanation of how to find the pencil hidden in this picture

Just look at the picture carefully spot the hidden pen. In case you are troubled by the elements that make up the image, check out the solution below to find out the correct answer.

Can’t find your pen? Here is the answer in the picture

Most people get confused by this puzzle after seeing the illusion picture shown here. However, some people were able to quickly find the answer. On the other hand, others failed to find the correct answer. This viral optical illusion is hard to spot, so we’ve attached an image where we’ve added a common solution. Look at the picture very carefully. Look at the bottom right of the picture and you will find a hidden pencil there. If you can’t do it, don’t worry, we will help you with the solution image below.

optical illusion hidden pencil answer

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