Other book meetings for young people in Marcadieu

Other book meetings for young people in Marcadieu

As many as 70 exhibitors participated this weekend in other book meetings for young people in the Marcadieu hall.

Promoting and discovering reading among children and adolescents: these were the main objectives of the second edition of the Youth Book Meeting organized this weekend in the Halle Marcadieu by the association “Asso Culture Pyrénées” under the chairmanship of Anne-Marie Beltran. And as proof of the importance of the topic, this event has received wide support from the community of Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées municipalities, the council of the Hautes-Pyrénées department and the city of Tarbes.

Authors and illustrators

During the inauguration of this show, that support was expressed in actions, far beyond words.

Indeed, the mayor Gérard Trémège accompanied by several deputies as well as the prefect of Hautes-Pyrénées Jean Salomon took the time to meet and talk with each of the 70 exhibitors and other partners.

Featuring authors and illustrators at the forefront of several literary genres, from novels to stories, including manga and comics.

And to be as complete as possible, in addition to the conference on the profession of curators, this show also offered a dynamic presentation of the professions of bookbinders, restorers and goldsmiths, at the initiative of the Tarbes museum and the department’s archives. Not to mention the active participation of the association for visually impaired readers AVH.

And in order to be as close as possible to young people, interventions by authors, storytellers and illustrators took place in schools in the department. The history of attempts to “plant a small or large seed of culture”.

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