“Otherwise I get insulted”: Mr. Pokora reveals the name of the song he has to sing in concert

“Otherwise I get insulted”: Mr. Pokora reveals the name of the song he has to sing in concert

Ready to make the crowd jump with his new tour, which starts on June 10, Mr. Pokora returned to his career and one of his greatest successes in a video published by Konbini. A tube that he is forced to sing on stage on pain of disappointing his audience.

He may celebrate his twenty-year career, having released eight albums and collecting trophies on his chimney, Mr. Pokora remains associated with the adventure pop stars and some of his early successes. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine recently cooked the proud Strasbourg on the reasons which led him to present himself at the auditions of the tele-hook of M6. And, after viewing archive footage, the one who was not yet of age revealed that he had falsified his identity card, by modifying his date of birth, to pass the different casting phases. Proof, already, of his enormous determination.

Gold has flowed into the Zénith ticket office since then for the master of the NRJ Awards, who has established himself as one of the favorite artists of the French, in addition to having become the father of two adorable boys, Isaiah and Kenna.

“I have to sing it on every tour, otherwise…”

Konbini came back with him on his career, questioning him in particular on the tube which revealed him to the eyes of the general public: She controls me. “As soon as I heard the chorus, I knew it was a hit“, he explained to our colleagues. “There were a bit of two songs in one, the fact that the verses are quite spacey and that suddenly the chorus has a dancehall, Afro-Caribbean rhythm. And the title, I immediately found it huge.”

A success such that, years later, Mr. Pokora feels compelled to interpret it on stage under penalty of disillusioning his fans. “It’s a must, that one. I have to sing it on every tour, otherwise I get insulted by my audience.” he revealed, all smiles. Like what it is his groupies who always punctuate his steps.

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