ouch, this new series gets the worst viewer rating in the history of the platform

ouch, this new series gets the worst viewer rating in the history of the platform

It could have been a Christmas present for Netflix subscribers… except that the quality does not seem to be there, from the point of view of the fans who are not tender with this new series.

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It was highly anticipated but, obviously, the series is not up to the hopes of the fans, if we are to believe the critics of the spectators on the American site Rotten Tomatoes. The Witcher: Blood Legacythe prequel series of the witcher released on December 25 on Netflix – which was supposed to be a gift from the streaming platform to its subscribers -, obtains the poor score of 10% positive opinions… “This is so disappointing and disgusting. I created a Rotten Tomatoes account just to say this”writes for example a user. “The worst series made by Netflix, an insult to Andrzej Sapkowski and the universe of The Witcher”denounces another. “The script is weak. The story is dull. The characters are empty. The story just isn’t there”can we read again.

“It sucks”, “hilarious mediocrity”… netizens go wild

On Twitter, the reviews are no better: “The Witcher series the origins zero zero zero it looks like the series for teenagers on Disney kids, congratulations again Netflix”. “Listen, I really wanted to like The Witcher Blood Origin but it sucks”deplores a twitto. “Hilarious mediocrity The Witcher: Origin of Blooddenounces another. “The Witcher Blood Origin: The first two episodes were pretty cool and promising, the last two a bunch of cliches, such a shame, what a waste”still details a user while another quips: “The only way to save the #Thewitcher license is to sell it to HBO”.

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The Witcher: Blood Legacy : What is it about ?

Dandelion, our favorite clumsy bard and faithful companion of the most famous Witcher, is part of the game in The Witcher: Blood Legacy. Here he is told a fascinating story: that of the creation of the Witchers species. This prequel takes us 1,200 years before the adventures of Geralt le Riv (who does not appear in the spin-off), at a time when humans and monsters did not yet exist and when elves, divided into different clans, prospered and waged wars of power among themselves. But obviously, some are more greedy than others and have ended up creating monstrous mutations intended to decimate their enemies. The spin-off then takes us to discover the fate of seven warriors who participated in the creation of the Witchers.

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