Our books “What’s New in iOS 16” and “Guide to macOS Ventura” now on Apple Books!

Our books “What’s New in iOS 16” and “Guide to macOS Ventura” now on Apple Books!

Our two new books, What’s new in iOS 16 etc macOS Ventura Guide are now available on Apple Books! Ideal if you’d rather go through an Apple store than through our (no harm done, we don’t blame you).

Regardless of the store, the content is obviously the same, as is the price: €9.99 pour What’s new in iOS 16, €9.99 pour macOS Ventura Guide, he is not jealous. On the other hand, if you want to make yourself a nice gift for Christmas, only in our store we offer you a package of two books at a reduced price of €14.99.

IN What’s new in iOS 16, Nicolas details the thousand and one changes, big and small, that Apple made to the iPhone and iPad. The recent release of iPadOS 16 was also the subject of a major update to the book, with a complete update to Stage Manager and numerous improvements to the operating system.

For his macOS Ventura Guide, Anthony went out of his way (800 pages!) to explore countless new features for Macs: Stage Manager of course, but also the convergence between macOS and other Apple platforms (Camera Continuity, iCloud Shared Photo Library, Time and Clock apps, etc.). Essential for fully enjoying your Mac.

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