Our literary proposals on the sidelines of the 45th Montreal Book Fair

Our literary proposals on the sidelines of the 45th Montreal Book Fair

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From November 23 to 27, the big Salon du livre de Montréal will be held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. This year, the event celebrates its 45th birthday and offers a program that will delight book lovers. On this occasion, we offer a selection of eight suggestions for reading Quebec books whose authors will participate in Salon livre. There is something for everyone’s taste!

1. Flesh Color by Bianca Joubert

In this work, writer-traveler Bianca Joubert discovers a lineage whose origins are shrouded in mystery, a woman explores the construction of identity around skin color. She follows the path of her ancestors through the lives, scenes, memories associated with milestones in history.

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2. America on the Edge by Rafael Jacob

Rafael Jacob's America on the Edge

For fans of American politics, this book by researcher Rafael Jacob looks at the most significant events of our current decade in the United States. In 2020, the whole world turned upside down and America could explode. The worst health crisis in 60 years. The worst economic crisis in 90 years. The worst social crisis in 50 years. And the worst democratic crisis… in our lifetime.

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3. Frenchie by Claude Raymond and Marc Robitaille

Frenchie by Claude Raymond and Marc Robitaille

Those nostalgic for the Montreal Expos will be won over. This autobiography follows the career of pitcher Claude Raymond, who had a long 13-year career in Major League Baseball and was the forerunner of the Quebecers on the field. A unique depiction of baseball in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, an era of expansion and transformation that marked the sport’s history.

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4. Gourmet! My family recipes by Marina Orsini

Greedy!  My family recipes by Marina Orsini

It already smells in the house! Presenter and actress Marina Orsini offers the first cookbook inspired by her family history. A book full of good flavors from here and Italy. Through personal stories, lots of photos and memories, he recounts the key moments of his life.

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5. Menace on the slopes by Dr. Nadia Gagnier and Tristan Demers

Menace on the Slopes by Dr. Nadia Gagnier and Tristan Demers

A book that will appeal to parents and grandparents who want to offer reading to their offspring. Plunging into this new adventure with Billie, Mira and their friendly gang, young people are invited to develop strategies that will enable them to better cope with intimidation, harassment or humiliation. This collection shows resourceful children facing their share of challenges, in a variety of potentially stressful or frustrating situations for them.

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6. Quebec in the cinema of Michel Coulombe

Quebec in the cinema of Michel Coulombe

An essential reference for lovers of Quebec’s seventh art. Immerse yourself in the heart of outstanding film productions from here and the industry’s defining moments in this fantastic work for the general public dedicated to the close relationship between cinema and society in Quebec, co-authored by the Dictionary of Quebec Cinema.

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7. The Twelve Months of Mary by Marie-Chantal Perron

The Twelve Months of Mary by Marie-Chantal Perron

Discover the first novel of one of Quebec’s greatest actresses, Marie-Chantal Perron. Twenty-five-year-old Prunelle buys a copy of a book written by Marie, a woman who left her father when she was still a child. This book tells the story of the twelve months it took Marie to leave, leaving behind this little Prunelle to whom she was very attached. Once, the topic of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was treated in a novel that gave rise to a series of thoughts.

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8. Shirley Théroux, Caroline St-Hilaire born to sing

Shirley Théroux, born to sing Caroline St-Hilaire

Singer, songwriter, performer, painter and avant-garde business woman, the public’s favorite knew how to be cheeky, sometimes reckless. Signed by Caroline St-Hilaire, a great fan of Shirley, this biography presents the artist’s life like a concert, with its highlights and interludes, punctuated by hundreds of shows she gave, numerous television and radio programs in which she participated.

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