“Owl”: Louane shares her ordeal on the set of her new film

“Owl”: Louane shares her ordeal on the set of her new film

Bad weather for Louane. This Wednesday, September 28, the interpreter of To tornadoes announced bad news to his fans on his Instagram account. Currently on the set of her next film, the mother of little Esme indicated that she was sick.

Louane’s return to school is very busy. Since August 20, the singer has been a coach in children of the voicenext to Patrick Fiori, Kendji Girac and Julien Dore. A role that the mother of little Esme accepted with pleasure. “I accepted because I love children. I would not have accepted adults because I am less comfortable with adults in general in my life. Afterwards, it’s a test because I admit that I panic a little at the idea of ​​​​being a coach”had entrusted the companion of Florian Rossi to the microphone of NRJ.

Hypersensitive, the pretty blonde has shed a few tears since the first episode of children of the voice. When Timéo took over the song A happy man, by William Sheller, the piece she had defended during her blind audition, in 2013, the mother of the family split the armor. “I’m a big whiner”said the star. And to add: “This song, it changed my life. I wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t existed”.

Louane actress, she announces sad news

In addition to his role as a coach with the children, Louane also got a big role in the feature film Change the direction of the riverswhose filming started in September in Haute-Normandie. For several weeks, the young woman has been sharing a plethora of photos and videos of the shooting on social networks. This Wednesday, September 26, Louane has, as usual, posted some photos of the landscape that serves as the setting for the film that she has been shooting for several weeks. “I’m going to miss running by the sea when I’m back in Paris”said the singer, sharing images from the beach in Le Havre.

Except that, a few moments later, the companion of musician Florian Rossi shared sad news with her community: she fell ill. “I fell ill and I shoot at night: great”, wrote the actress The Aries Family. Far from being discouraged, Louane wrote on another story that she had simply caught a cold. “I see you coming though. Everything is fineshe assured. Or the art of reassurance!


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