Pablo Mira has fun with the endless wishes of Emmanuel Macron

Pablo Mira has fun with the endless wishes of Emmanuel Macron

The comedian was back on Monday on TMC in Yann Barthès’ talk show with his “Four minutes, shower included” pellet where he returned in an offbeat way to the news of recent weeks.

paul mira took advantage of the presence of Bruno Le Maire on Monday evening on the set of ” Daily “ to multiply the jokes aimed at Emmanuel Macron. In his humorous tablet “Four minutes, shower included”, the columnist of Yann Barthès raked the highlights of recent weeks, mentioning in particular the traditional presidential vows. “They just ended five minutes ago apparentlyhe quipped. 19 minutes of speech! It’s almost the time of a whole program of “Daily” if we remove the ads! The wishes lasted so long, Bruno, that at one point my Internet browser asked me if I was still watching. » At his side, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty could not help but laugh.

The Russian President, Vladimir Poutinealso had the right to his humorous dart. “For years, he has lived with the face of that colleague who heard you drop a silencer in the open space”launched Pablo Mira in a general giggle. Other subject, the “dry January”which consists in not swallowing a drop of alcohol for a month, “even light alcohols like panaché or the sweat of hunters”. “According to specialists, not drinking brings many health benefits for social relationshe continued. No more heavy and noisy, no more making everyone uncomfortable. Everything you’ll miss without alcohol, this is your cast for “Les Grandes gueules” on RMC. »

The decline in the population of the city of Paris and the artistic break of Julien Doré were the other subjects in the viewfinder of the comedian. Monday evening, the third part of “Daily” broadcast between 8:50 p.m. and 9:20 p.m. on TMC attracted nearly 2 million viewers on average according to Médiamétrie (8.9% of PDA).

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