Pastor Claims He Visited Hell, Heard Rihanna Headline

Pastor Claims He Visited Hell, Heard Rihanna Headline

According to this American pastor, RiRi would be as popular on Earth as in Hell…

Rihanna listened to Hell?

The year 2023 is off to a flying start for Rihanna. 7 years after the release of her latest album, the Barbadian will be the star of the Super Bowl halftime concert, which will take place next February and which should once again break audience records. In the meantime, the singer is mentioned by a pastor, who on TikTok affirms having had the opportunity to take a trip to Hell and hear a Rihanna song there.

Explaining having suffered a heart attack in 2016 and having come very close to death, the minister of worship will thus claim to have discovered Hell and a program that he would not want “to his worst enemy”. By his admission, he would therefore have visited a room bringing together demons taking up, among other things, the title Umbrella by RiRi. The detail of his “journey” will obviously have aroused curiosity: โ€œI know that on Earth, many song lyrics were inspired by demons. Every lyric of every song is meant to torment you that you didn’t glorify God enough through music when you were on Earth. ยป

Needless to say that Rihanna did not want to react to this controversy, it must be said completely clumsy.

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