Patrick Bruel: that day in high school when he saw someone die in front of him

Patrick Bruel: that day in high school when he saw someone die in front of him

Recently, the singer, author and composer Patrick Bruel was able to confide in a very difficult moment in his life. It turns out that he had an experience that marked him a lot. He was therefore able to confide to our colleagues at Gala that when he was still only a teenager, he saw someone die in front of him. We’ll explaine everything here.

Patrick Bruel, this difficult moment in his life

It therefore remains in the month of November that the singer Patrick Bruel was able to confide in our colleagues at Gala. With them, he decided to tell a more traumatic memory of his adolescence. While today, he is 63 years old, he still hasn’t forgotten what may have passed that day. A person died in front of his still young eyes.

And such a memory seems very difficult to erase. So, recently, Patrick Bruel was able to share what he was still thinking at this time sometimes. So much so that he feels the need to exteriorize it. For that, what better than where it is strongest, the music. For his eleventh album of his great career, he decides to talk about it. More precisely, he releases a title that comes to talk about this moment that shocked him for a long time.

A hard time

Thus, it remains in his eleventh album named Again that he brought up this subject. More specifically, Patrick Bruel wrote the title “La chance de pas…”. This title is about a friend of the singer, who has many addictions. “I am talking to a friend who has fallen into drugs. I do not pass judgment on those who consume, but I am less lenient on those who train and provide”. He also admits that he has “just lucky he didn’t touch it when he was a high school studentstudent, during his years in New York, or in the world of show business”. It must be said that Patrick Bruel was able to be at the height of his career while he was still young. So he could have easily fallen into those kinds of vices.

So, with the release of this album, Patrick Bruel decided to talk about the traumatic moment he experienced. He admits that “At 17, in high school, I saw someone die before my eyes! A horrible experience”. But fortunately, the singer in his youth never chose this road of vices. He thanks his education for this, but also the fear he has of the effects of these.

A long-standing article

So, if this album was released recently, Patrick Bruel has been working on it for a while. The singer indeed confessed that “I wrote half of it in 2018and I couldn’t finish it. I wrote the last sentences at the very last moment”. We can find subjects from the United States such as ecology. He also confessesI find the environmental awareness on the part of the youth, extraordinary, very touchingin his excesses as in his convictions”. This album therefore offers a lot of emotion, awareness and important subject matter. An album that seems well worth listening to.

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