Patrick Fiori: why his audition for Notre-Dame de Paris was catastrophic

Patrick Fiori: why his audition for Notre-Dame de Paris was catastrophic

This Friday, November 4, Patrick Fiori is at the controls of the show Immediate boardingbroadcast on France 3. Revealed thanks to the musical Notre Dame of Paristhe singer does not have excellent memories of his audition for the role of Phoebus. The artist had the flu during the casting.

Follow the leader ! This Friday, November 4, Patrick Fiori invites viewers to a Immediate boarding in Corsica, during an unprecedented musical evening broadcast on France 3. If today he leads a brilliant solo career, the singer has been revealed to the general public thanks to the famous musical Notre-Dame de Paris of Luc Plamondon and Richard Cocciante. Alongside Hélène Ségara, Garou and Daniel Lavoie, the artist embodied the character PhoebusEsmeralda’s lover. A role that the ex-companion of Julie Zenatti didn’t expect to pick up at all. And for good reason, the coach of children of the voice wasn’t in his best shape the day of the casting, as he confided to the microphone ofEuropean 1 in March 2021. “We were many. And I had the flu that day. I arrived in an impossible state”he confided to journalist Isabelle Morizet.

Although suffering, Patrick Fiori wanted to go through with his audition. “I do what I can, I sing ‘Belle’ and ‘Déchiré’ which I had learned beforehand. And I leave telling myself that they will never call me back.”he confided. Unconvinced by his performance, the former participant of Eurovision 1993 tried to detect a possible reaction from the creators of the show in order to reassure themselves. However, neither showed any emotion. “Nothing in their face and nothing in their eyes”he revealed. Since then, Patrick Fiori is convinced to have missed this casting. Eventually, history proved otherwise.

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Patrick Fiori: why his audition for Notre-Dame de Paris was catastrophic
Patrick Fiori and the whole troupe of the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, January 19, 1998.

Patrick Fiori: why he refused other musicals

“I’m still Captain Phoebus. I’m still the voice of that song ‘Belle’ and that musical there. I don’t want to do anything else in my life”he continued with Isabelle Morizet. For him, it was unimaginable to embark on another adventure similar to this one. “I think you can’t do a version two. When you come out of such a success, it’s not possible“, he added.

However, it is not for lack of having received proposals. “I was offered a lot of things afterwards, even to make music for musicals. Except that NOur Lady is so ingrained in my DNA that I said nohe concluded. And the same goes for fans of this musical.

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