Patrick Sébastien without filter on “the most abject people” he has met on television

Patrick Sébastien without filter on “the most abject people” he has met on television

Patrick Sébastien still does not digest his eviction from France Télévisions. Three years later, the host promised never to take over the reins of a show again. At the microphone of France Bleu, he violently tackled the middle of the TV, which he no longer supports.

The pill is still hard to pass for Patrick Sébastien. In 2019, the 69-year-old host bid farewell to France 2 but also to its faithful viewers of the Biggest Cabaret in the world and of the Happiness Years. A shock for the former companion of Nathalie Boutotwho was dismissed overnight after spending years on the small screen. Far from letting go, the interpreter of Sardines then toured the media to shout his anger and denounce this eviction on the part of France Télévisions, which he still considers unfair.

While he decided to take his cabaret on the roads of France in order to find his public, Patrick Sébastien decided to write down his career and to evoke in particular the end of his career on the small screen in his autobiographical book Live and be reborn. The opportunity also for him to settle accounts with those who pointed it out.

Patrick Sébastien unleashes the world of TV

In the podcast In the Retro on France BluePatrick Sébastien spoke about the world of TV which is far from dreaming according to him, even if he managed to make a career there and shine. “I can’t figure out how I got on. All the things that happened to me, II have the impression that it’s a dream… by putting it into perspective. It’s been a long time since I relativized. I’m going to die tomorrow, in a month no one will talk about me anymore. It will be over, they will have forgotten me. It’s all futile and I’ve become aware of it. On the other hand, this futility helped me to live well“, he confided, before assuring that it was out of the question that he would return to the small screen at the controls of a show.

Life is Elsewhere ! TV is only the center of the world for those who watch it. I know, I’ve been there. And for nothing in the world I would come back ! The last people I met on public service, they are the most despicable people I have met throughout my career, he launched. Good for them, what I say will not change anything because they are above the law, above everything”. A resentment that is not about to fade.

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