Paul Di’Anno says he was joking when he compared Steve Harris to Adolf Hitler

Paul Di’Anno says he was joking when he compared Steve Harris to Adolf Hitler

The former singerIron MaidenPaul Di’Anno says he meant no harm when he compared bassist Steve Harris to Adolf Hitler.

Di’Anno originally made the comment in a 2009 interview but only recently explained that it shouldn’t be taken at face value.

He stated to Hard Rock Greece: “I once said Steve was Hitler, because of the way he runs things. Iron Maiden is like a fucking army. Steve is so determined. And I couldn’t find nobody else [pour faire une comparaison]… So I said ‘Hitler’. But that’s not really what I meant.”

Di’Anno met Harris earlier this year (for the first time in three decades) in Zagreb, Croatia, where Maiden was playing and the singer was receiving treatment for a knee injury.

Di’Anno also gave a show the day before Maiden’s concert at the Zagreb Arena. This concert was free and was intended to thank Paul’s fans for their help during the most delicate period of his recovery.

After singing on Maiden’s first two albums, Di’Anno was replaced by Bruce Dickinson in 1981 because of his drug problems.

When asked if there was any truth to the rumors that he wasn’t properly compensated when the band parted ways with him, Di’Anno replied to Rock Hard Greece: “I have nothing to say about that, because, to be honest with you, it’s nobody’s business.”

“I was paid very well. I’m very happy about it. If I say, ‘Iron Maiden didn’t pay me enough,’ that’s going to make Iron Maiden look bad, and I refuse to do that. I was paid very well. They took care of me. End of the story.”

Also, Di’Anno recently teamed up with several Croatian musicians to form a new project called Warhorse.

Interview of Paul Di’Anno for Rock Hard Greece:

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